Representation and interpretation

What we see in these photos are people who have some sort of relation. We can see something that looks like an older couple, younger couple and a father and son. It looks like they love and care for each other by the way they are holding each other. They also look happy based on the smile they all have on their face.


I would think that the black and white editing puts focus on the people in it rather than for example what they are wearing. It is the people in the picture that matters. It looks like they are representing something positive like it could be a family photograph hanging on the wall somewhere in a family´s home.

These images are part of a campaign for road safety made by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. They were made to make people wear seatbelt while sitting in moving vehicles. When you drive in Norway these signs will appear along the road with a text reminding you to put your seatbelt on.

After realizing what the images is used for we now understand the black and white editing and why they are holding each other the way they are. The contrast between black and white is to put the crossing arm in focus and make it look like a seatbelt. The reason why they have some sort of relation is because they would all protect each other from anything bad. They love each other and would do anything to keep each other safe.

It looks like they have tried to represent “everyone” in this campaign. They have included older people, children, youths and a grown ups. It shows that it doesn’t matter where in life you are, your life is sacred and you have people who care about you. Just by fastening your seatbelt you can save your own, and other people’s life.

This image really touches our feelings because we can relate. We wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to the people we love, and we also know that the people who loves us doesn’t want anything bad to happen to us. By placing these signs along the road they really make the message visible for the people they are targeting with the campaign.

– Vilde


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