No cash, no flow


A digital transformation means that there is a change in things like art, mass communication or science. It is about going from analog to digital. By doing so the media changes, and because of that the message will change, according to McLuhan.

Think of a watch. It used to exist just as analog but as time went past we got introduced to digital watches.  This is an example of a digital transformation. Another thing that is in the wind these days is to go paperless or in this case cashless (rip cashflow). This basically means that there will no longer exist ATMs, and we will no longer have what we today know as cash.

I reckon this is BS (big stress), because no cash means more surveillance on what we do with our money, and as we already know the CIA are watching every move me make. It is understandable that some things are turning digital, but can we please keep the one thing that makes our day, week or even year when we find it in a jacket pocket?

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One thought on “No cash, no flow

  1. Hola!
    I found this blogpost really interesting. I like how you found a topic that didn’t just inform me on the same thing I was informed about in the lecture. I think you made a really good point when you said that it could be negative for us to stop using cash, as that makes it easier to track what we do with our money without us being able to be warned. However, I think you could also have mentioned some of the positive sides of completely going digital with money transfers.
    Synne X


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