Fake news

Okay so it is obvious that what you see in the video is not what Trump is talking about, but they are both revolving around fake news. Trump is here criticizing the media for writing things about him that (according to him) is not true. While the video is showing someone who is participating in the well known “mannequin challenge”, though it looks like the people in the white helmets are helping a man in Syria’s bloody civil war.

Because monologic media now are in company by dialogic media they can no longer control what message people are receiving. By “they” I am referring to news´ papers and channels that earlier was our only way to receive “trustworthy” news. What we “normal” people write today is just as newsworthy as what the big news corporations choose to cover. What we have seen is that they attempt to only cover stories that they find important, and sometimes they even make stuff up just to make it seem more interesting.

It is really important that we through the Internet can criticize and question things that news corporations choose to cover. Because we as people have different opinions we get to see the cases from every aspect and angle, not just what they choose to include in their story. But it also makes it easier for people like Donald Trump to scream, “fake news” every time the media is saying something bad about him.


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