Dialogic media and propaganda

Political propaganda is not a new term, but with the dialogic media it has been much easier to spread. Just by looking at the “#draft our daughters” that was in the wind last year, we see a perfect example of a political propaganda that was spread over the Internet in no time, with people actually believing it was true.

With dialogic media there are no gatekeepers, which means that people can write exactly what they want. We do all know that we shouldn’t believe everything we read but after discovering that big news corporations occasionally posts fake news, it is hard to know who to believe.

It is important to remember that people will write what is in their favour, and especially with political propaganda. The politicians want to get your vote and will therefore do everything they can to do so. The same is with people supporting them; they want their candidate to win by influence as many people as possible.


Tip of the day:
Do not believe everything you read.


When you realize that its propaganda:



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