Disc Jokey

The Norwegian DJ Matoma mixed a song by the notorious B.I.G and Ja Rule called “old thing back“ which originally was a remix of biggies 1995 hit “one more chance”. In 2014 Matoma remixed the song and shared it on Sound cloud and Spotify. It got so many views that Matoma received a phone call from Warner music group asking him if they could use his remix as the official remix.

Here you can listen to how the song sounded when it first was released and how it sounds like after being remixed by different Dj´s;

Another Norwegian DJ that has had maybe an even bigger success by mixing songs is 25-year-old Kygo. Kygo as well as Matoma belongs to the genre ´tropical house´ and he also started he´s career by making remixes of famous songs. It was in 2014 when he shared his remix of Ed Sheeran´s song “I see fire” that he had his breakthrough. After this he has had huge success and made songs with artists like Selena Gomez and Conrad Sewell.

Here is the original song by Ed Sheeran and Kygos remix of the song;

These are two example of people who have made huge success just by remixing other peoples songs. They are both making their own music now, so if you are interested you should look them up on Spotify, Sound cloud or You tube.

I tried to make a song myself by using a webpage called Soundtrap. It is harder than it seems, don´t think I can make a living of this just yet.



One thought on “Disc Jokey

  1. Hi Vilde! Great blogpost 🙂 I am a fan of both these DJ’s myself, so I thought it was cool to read about them. I think it was good that you included the YouTube videos; so that we could actually listen to how the DJ’s remixed songs, differ from the original one. I know that it’s hard to fit that much information in these short blogposts, but I would have loved to know if these DJ’s for an example continued to work on remixed when they became famous, or if they just used remixing as a way into making their own music? Anyways, I think this was a good example of music in the remix culture we have today, and I’m just going to add some links under here, to Matoma’s and Kygo’s soundcloud profiles, if you’re interested in a look there!

    Cheers X


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