With people using social media more than ever before, it is super easy to share things with people from all over the planet.

This is really interesting; how easy it is to share things now days, and how much influence social media actually have on the audience. The bigger the celeb, the more power you have, because people will like and share your posts based on them knowing your name.

Justin Bieber (which is a name we all know) posted a picture on Instagram (had 47,5 million followers at the time) of a girl, asking if anyone knew her. He did this based on him finding her attractive and wanting to meet her (superficial I know, not jealous at all). The picture was shared million of times on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Even newspapers wanted to be a part of the search.

Eventually Justin managed to find the Spanish beauty, which turned out to be 17-year-old Cindy Kimberly.

After being wanted by the one and only Justin Bieber she went from earning £ 2.90 an hour as a baby sitter, to walking on the catwalk in Madrid as a super model.

Transmedia storytelling can certainly go in some peoples favour

giphy (1)

Justin, I´m still waiting.


2 thoughts on “Tinderella

  1. The title of your post is what drew me to continue reading. The content which follows perfectly sums up your humoured title. I think it’s crazy how someone can be a complete ordinary person living a mainstream life, and then transmedia storytelling can turn their life upside down. Your example of Justin Bieber was an appropriate choice as everybody knows who is he (well at least I hope they do). A very concise blog post, well done 🙂


  2. Hola!
    Its funny as that JB got his fans to find this girl for him! However, don´t you recon it´s a bit creepy how easy it is to find people these days? I mean, I can spot a cute boy in the club, and just by searching for “long haired yahoo” I´ll find him within 10 minutes. Haha, but no, it is actually a bit creepy. If you want to avoid boys searching for “hot blonde babe” and immediately find your profile, heres some tips; http://www.wikihow.com/Avoid-Being-Stalked-on-Social-Media



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