Never have I ever had plastic surgery

I am probably not the only person who has been irritated because of how other people present themselves online. I won´t say that how I present myself online is the (only) right way to do it, but let me tell you something; how you present yourself online is probably more important than you think.

So lets say you´re a teenage girl going on Instagram and types in Kim Kardashian. What will appear on the screen is a heap of photos on Kim Kardashian, which may look like just another snapshot.

Think again.

Almost all of her photos are going through a big process of editing to make Kim K look flawless. I am not saying that she isn’t beautiful, but it is important to have in mind that this is not normal, nor cheap. It is not only editing of the photos, it is also a lot of plastic surgery to get bigger butt, boobs and lips, smaller nose etc.

kim ass

What bothers me is that she is claiming that it is perfectly normal to look like Kim and all her sisters do. She claims that her ass is real when it clearly isn´t. Also her sister, Kylie Jenner, was saying for a long time that her lips were natural.


yeah, right. Awkward.

The thing is that grown ups, like myself, understand that this is not normal. What concerns me is all the young girls who are watching shows like ´keeping up with the Kardashians´ where they believe that it is normal to look like they do.

So that is why I think that they (and all of us) have a big responsibility when it comes to how they present themselves on social media.



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