It seems like we today can take copyright on almost anything. YouTube took copyright on bird sounds, are you freaking kidding me?

When I went to school I used to be super proud if I had bought myself a new piece of clothing, especially if it was a cool one. I remember I could the a bit grumpy if one of my friends bought the same one after seeing me wearing it. But it wasn’t like I could copyright it. Of course I didn’t make it myself, and I agree that you should be able to get money for something you make. But the last time I checked You Tube didn’t make bird sounds.

Have we maybe gone a bit far with the whole idea of copyright?

Copyright is important because if you create something, like a song or a book, you should get credit for it. The problem is when people start taking copyright on something they haven’t created in the first place.

Another problem is how far it can go, and how to judge if it actually is violation of copyright. Several of artists have experienced being accused of copying already existing songs.

An example is Justin Bieber´s song “sorry”. Another artist, Casey Dienel, is claiming that he used her voice in the beginning of the song and sued Bieber for million of dollars. She claims that 10 seconds of his song is taken from her single “Ring the Bell”.
You can judge for yourself:



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