The meme is the message


Marshall McLuhan is famous for his phrase “the medium is the message” and to be honest, I do not understand at all what he is talking about. The medium is the message? Isn´t the message the message? Seems like we can connect some philosophy into this topic. Like what happens when we die? What is time? Why don´t I have a boyfriend? etc etc. But Im not gonna go there, instead Im going to try to explain what it means so it finally can make sense.


So basically what McLuhan is saying is that the medium is more important than the actual message. An easier way to say it is that the way you communicate is more important than what you actually communicate.

A good example is  memes. It has a message and it can be funny, clever, reliable and super easy to share. It has become such a normal part of our everyday life that we no longer notice that is has a message.

It has become a such powerful media that even CIA has a meme warfare centre which is created to win wars based on controlling the american population´s minds. That is how much influence memes actually have without us even noticing. This just makes a perfect example on what McLuhan meant when he said “the medium is the message”.


2 thoughts on “The meme is the message

  1. Hi Vilde!
    I really enjoyed your blogpost about how meme’s represent “the medium is the message”. I feel like you gave a good definition on what McLuhan meant by saying this, and how you related it in a way that is easy for your readers to understand. I think many of us was confused at first, and that many of us had never thought about how the way we communicate, and the media we use is just as- or more important than the message itself. I also enjoyed the memes you made, as it really made your blogpost both informative and funny.
    Synne X


  2. Hi there Vilde :)) I think you did a great job in expressing your knowledge of Mcluhan and his philosophy. the Jackie Chan meme at the start of you blog really hit the nail on the head in terms if how I felt when I first learnt about these topics! You use some hyperlinks throughout your article to give readers some access to external information and other sources, this will supplement your own argument too. Other than that your blog is very user-friendly and it was easy to navigate around!


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