Make peace, not nomophobia

According to we spend an average of an hour and a half on our phones each day. This equals us spending 3.9 years on our phone during a lifetime.

Think about how much time that actually is.WIFUCKINGFI
We are always connected, no exception.

Did you know that your phone and internet history can tell a lot about you as a person? This is called metadata and gives away things like your geographic location, friends and interests.

Companies will try to get you to buy their products based on metadata. Their also using something called psychographic labelling which gives them your opinions, values and interests.

It does not longer matter who you are as a person because this creates a form of digital identity. It does not matter for the companies if you are a nice person or not. What matter is for them to introduce you to products they think you might be interested in based on your clicks.

Pretty harsh I know. One solution is to stop spending so much time on your phone, and start to actual interact with people. Lets pretend it´s 1995, the year when legends were born.



One thought on “Make peace, not nomophobia

  1. Hi.
    The issue that you shed light on in your blogpost is interesting, and something that from time to time, I find quite annoying to be honest. Like, did I ever say yes to being under surveillance? Well, yes I probably did when I hit the “agree” button on the “terms and conditions” without reading through them.

    However, this is one side of the case, but what about the other? Our constant access to the internet gives us so much power. The companies have always been sneaky when promoting their products, but now we can actually gain the knowledge and power to better position ourselves as to whether or not we want to support these companies. It could have been cool if you also included this point in your post. Who has more power on the Internet isn’t easy to actually put an answer to, but here is an article discussing just this, that I think could be of interest in conjunction with your post:



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